Annual Membership Meeting & Lecture

"Coloring Your Garden with Japanese Maples"
with Julia Graham

Sunday, September 17
Doors open at noon for plant sales
Lecture begins at 1 pm
NPA members free/nonmembers $15

Aaron Education Center
Bellevue Botanical Garden
12001 Main Street
Bellevue 98005

Every Pacific Northwest garden deserves to be graced with at least one beautiful Japanese maple. The aristocrat of all trees, Japanese maples offer an extensive array of sizes, shapes, textures and colors to enhance your special space. They are perfect specimen focal points, as well as gorgeous, well-behaved companions, whether situated in an expansive woodland or a small intimate corner of the garden. And, of course, Japanese maples are unsurpassed for breathtaking fall color: stunning reds, golds, purples and oranges that can bring one to tears.

Julia starts this informative and entertaining presentation with an overview of Japanese maple cultivars, selection pointers and grooming tips. Her design ideas for incorporating Japanese maples in your garden include placement, focal points and companions, along with color and texture combinations. The presentation will be capped by a photo tour of stunning fall color fireworks in Julia’s own garden.

More about Julia: Julia Graham’s love affair with Japanese maples began more than 30 years ago when she discovered gardening was the best therapy for stress relief from her executive career. After retirement, she launched a new career as the owner and designer of Gardenscape Design NW. Julia is a seasoned gardener, long-time NPA member and a garden designer for do-it-yourselfers. Her own award-winning garden has been published in several regional and national publications. She has no website, but she can be reached at Just know that her garden designs always include at least one gorgeous Japanese maple (or maybe three, five or more).