NPA Spring Plant Sale
Sunday, April 28, 9 am - 3 pm
Aaron Education Center
Bellevue Botanical Garden
12001 Main St., Bellevue 98005

Celebrate the growing season by attending NPA’s annual Spring Plant Sale. This popular event is a highlight of spring; plus it’s an important fundraiser for NPA, benefitting our educational programs and the NPA Border.

A select group of local small nurseries and growers will sell an amazing collection of perennials, shrubs, ferns, grasses and more. Many of these vendors are not open to the public, and all offer unique plants to delight any plant geek! This is your chance to shop from the best, all in one location, and bring home many new treasures to enhance your garden.

Arrive early for best selections. Better yet, volunteer to help at this event and and get the inside scoop on your favorite vendors and plants.

Volunteering is easy. Just click here on the SignUp Genius link, choose your desired job and shift, input your contact information and you're done!

Plenty of free parking!

Shop these great Spring Plant Sale vendors:

A choice variety of ferns, plus many plants for miniature, trough or rock gardens

A North Bend nursery offering unusual shade-loving perennials

Outstanding trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses and hardy fuchsias

Puget Sound easy care native perennials, including rare and hard-to-find plants

Collections from around the world, including unusual vines, perennials, shrubs, trees, grasses

Wonderful plants, many propagated from the NPA Border at BBG

The NPA Plant Sale Story

NPA plant sales began in the driveways and garages of members’ homes. Attendees brought plant donations and their lunches, shopping for a few hours and then enjoying the companionship of fellow plant lovers. In 1987 the sale was held in Barbara Flynn's horse paddock.

As the size of the sale grew, it moved to a schoolyard in North Seattle—a friendly site, except when it rained. Along with the member-donated plants, there was choice stock from the NPA Border at the Bellevue Botanical Garden and from local vendors. With continued growth, the sale moved to Magnuson Park in 2000 to gain more space and a covered area, first using the old fire station for several years, then moving to a maintenance building.

In 2007, the sale was held in a hangar so large, it could hold all of our members shopping at the same time—but it was freezing cold and the restrooms were terrible! In 2008 we moved the sale to the relative comfort of North Seattle College, where it it was held for several years, until rising facility fees and major campus construction projects made things difficult. Now the sale is back where it belongs, at Bellevue Botanical Garden. There's no place like home!