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Iris douglasiana - 1 gal

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Flower Color Purple. Light blue-violet. Flowers are occasionally white or in rare instances yellow. Standards: light blue-violet. Falls: medium lavender with dark yellow signal, white halo and purple eyelashes. Flower Shape and Structure Notes. Beardless. 2-3 flowers on each stem. Flower Size 3-5 inches Bloom Time May, June Foliage Glossy, Leaf. Stiff, sword-like dark green evergreen leaves. Plant type Evergreen, Perennial. Rhizome. Natural Range Northwest Native. CA to middle Oregon along Ocean. Habit and Form Spreading. Clumping. Height 1-2 feet Spread 2-4 feet Water Requirements Drought tolerant, Average moisture Light Requirements Full Sun Soil Conditions High fertility Additional Comments Notes. Parent stock for many hybrids.

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