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Olearis x oleifolia 'Waikariensis' - 1 quart

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Description from Future Forest: A hybrid daisy bush from New Zealand, Olearia x oleifolia Waikariensis is a medium-sized, evergreen shrub with an upright, rounded habit, particularly useful in coastal gardens as it’s tolerant of salty winds. The grey-green leaves with a tan midrib and whitish undersides look rather like olive leaves. Prolific clusters of daisy-like, white flowers are borne in summer for a long period; they are attractive to pollinators, and have a pleasant, subtle, slightly musky scent. Daisy bush Waikariensis is an easy, low-maintenance shrub, which can also be used as an informal hedge. Site: Tolerates exposure, including coastal exposure Soil: Any reasonably moist well-drained soil Position: Full sun Season of interest: All year, summer in particular Hardiness: Fully hardy Height: 6’6” (2m) Spread: 6’6” (2m)

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