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Fuchsia magellanica var. macrostema - 1 gal

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Fuchsia magellanica var.macrostema Fuchsia Flower Color Purple, Red Flower Shape and Structure Notes. Pendant, single, large. Long red sepals, long flower stalks, purple petals. Bloom Time August Foliage Leaf, Variegated. Tri-colored. Bark/Stem/Bud Red. Stems. Plant type Deciduous, Perennial, Shrub Natural Range Range. Argentina, Chile. Habit and Form Arching, Upright/Vase-shaped Height 4-8 feet, 8-16 feet Spread 4-8 feet Water Requirements Average moisture Light Requirements Part Sun/Part Shade Soil Conditions Acid, High fertility, Well-drained. To neutral. Additional Features Plants to attract wildlife

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