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Helleborus 'HGC Leona' - gallon

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Helleborus x lemperii HGC® LEONA The name Leona is derived from the Latin leo for "lion". It goes perfectly with this H. x lemperii variety, because the large, dark pink and upright-looking flowers stand gracefully on sturdy stems. Leona blooms from the beginning of December and accompanies us through the Christmas season until spring. Suitable companion plants are evergreen perennials and small conifers, which, like the compact Leona, feel comfortable in light shade. Striking large pink flowers on long stems add interest to the winter garden. Zone 5 Evergreen Exposure: Part sun to part shade Height: 13in - 24in Spacing: 18-24in Water: Keep soil evenly moist Bloom Time: January, February, March, April

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