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Open Gardens

NPA members enjoy free garden tours all year long. Through our Open Gardens program, members can visit as many as 100 open gardens each year. This popular benefit offers fun, inspiration, education, and the chance to share and connect with other gardening enthusiasts. 

  • Gardens of all styles and sizes
  • Organized as tours by date and location to allow visiting multiple gardens in one trip
  • Most gardens are open weekend days from May to September
  • Gardens are also open between October and April
  • Most are private gardens of NPA members
  • Open to NPA members and guests only
  • Free entry to public gardens on their open garden dates (NPA members only)
  • Throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond

Open your garden!  We'd love to visit.

Will you be an NPA Open Gardens host? Garden hosts enjoy welcoming visitors, showing their garden, and connecting with fellow gardening enthusiasts.

YES, your garden is worth visiting! The wonderful thing about gardens is they're as varied as the gardeners who create them. Your garden is different from every other garden, and fellow NPA members would love to see what you’ve created.  

Click to Register:    Register to Open Your Garden 

Click for More Information:   Open Gardens Registration Details & Tips

Do you have questions or need help?   Contact us at 

Open Gardens Book

The Open Gardens book is your key to visiting as many as 100 open gardens each summer season. It is mailed to NPA members in April.

The book lists all open gardens for the summer touring season, May through September, organized by date. It includes everything you need to plan your visits and more:

  • Calendar listing gardens open May 1st through September 30th
  • Details about each garden: host, location, garden description, open dates and hours
  • List of gardens open by appointment
  • List of public and display gardens

In addition, NPA members can view an online version of the Open Gardens book in our Members Only section - and receive emailed notifications about additional open gardens.

Contact NPA:   425-647-6004

Mailing Address:   PO Box 1034  Bellevue, WA  98009-1034

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