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NPA's Plant Propagation Exhibit

NPA's Plant Propagation Exhibit was built in 2016 to provide an education facility to grow and propagate hardy, herbaceous plants. It is located at the south end of the Perennial Border, and includes a garden storage shed, a fenced yard with propagation tables, and plenty of plants. The addition of this wonderful facility greatly aids NPA’s efforts to maintain and grow the Perennial Border at BBG, and provides a perfect classroom to inspire future generations of gardeners.

The Propagation Exhibit is used by NPA volunteers to propagate plants from the border, either from cuttings, division, or seed. Once plants are established, they are replanted in the border or sold at NPA Plant Sales. Proceeds from propagated plants support the Perennial Border. 

The Plant Propagation Exhibit was designed and built by Kunnen Design/Build, Inc. A beautiful pine slab countertop was donated by Meyer Wells of Art from Wood. It was finished using the Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban, which preserves wood by charring it with fire. Dramatic basalt columns from Marenakos Rock Center line the edge of the visitor space in front of the Exhibit.

Major funding for the Plant Propagation Exhibit came from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust, which awarded NPA a $20,000 grant. The Bellevue Botanical Garden Society contributed $26,001, which included a gift from the estate of Roy Harsh. An anonymous donor contributed $5,000 for the basalt rock columns. Our sincere thanks to these generous donors. NPA also thanks the following donors: Cathy Atkins, Nancy Daar, Diana and Gary Davidson, Tina Dixon & Paul Stredwick, Noma Edwards, Catherine Gibbons, Linda Gray, Kit Haesloop, Peggy Herron, Joyce and Steve Kormanyos, Denise Lane and Roel Allers, Linda and Roger McDonald, Mercerbelles NPA Neighborhood Group, Rosalie Preble, Gayle Richardson, Pauline and Steve Smith, Molly van der Burch, and Carolyn Whittlesey.

Contact NPA:   425-647-6004

Mailing Address:   PO Box 1034  Bellevue, WA  98009-1034

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